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Our task is to transform this world into a world in which all women who want to get pregnant can do so.

Our aim is to always ensure the well-being of our patients using the best assisted reproduction techniques based on scientific accuracy and cutting-edge medicine.

Commitment, dedication, service orientation. Excellence and professional and personal ethics. 5 values that define the true essence of Eugin.




In the following section you will find the general treatment references, costs and success rates for each treatment option. In the slides you will find the following treatments: IVF (ICSI), egg donation & embryo donation.

Warranty programs

We have the Eugin Promise program to give you more security when you embark on this project. We have improved the program and can offer it to you for €12,000 to €16,000, depending on the treatment, which you will receive back in full if we do not reach our common goal.


The prices were provided to us by the Eugin Clinic, we cannot rule out price changes.


Here you can find alternative therapies and other offers from the Eugin Clinic

Our team

At this point, not the entire team is presented, but only a few employees as representatives.

Dr. Daniel Mataró

Medical Director

Eugin Clinic

Eugin is part of the Eugin Group, a global group that operates more than 69 centers in eleven countries, with 20 highly qualified local IVF partners.

In Spain, we have clinics in Barcelona and Madrid. Eugin Barcelona is one of the largest assisted reproduction clinics in Europe. More than 6,000 m² available for patient care. A center built in 2019 to ensure the optimal well-being of patients. We have 12 examination rooms, 2 operating theaters and 2 transfer rooms where the needs of each patient can be met.

30 private rooms. This is the heart of our care model

In this unique, innovative space, our patients have an exclusive private room connected to the examination room, where they can wait for their visit, talk to their doctor or make decisions in the utmost privacy and comfort. We want you to feel at home.

Laboratory with state-of-the-art technology

Eugin Barcelona’s new laboratory facilities have all the technology and conditions our specialists need to carry out their work as efficiently and safely as possible.

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