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Only on fertile soil healthy life thrives optimally. This is the ZEM.WAY teaching with the 4B`s (Brain, Body, Business, Bonding).
The body, whether woman, man or child (born or unborn), must be brought into balance so that reproduction continues optimally through the generations. The promotion of longevity (rejuvination) is the basis of reproductive medicine and is also valuable because the expectant life has a right to be together with the parents in healthy happiness for a long time.

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    The entire spectrum of reproductive medicine up to the treatment of infertility with the help of e.g. IVF, egg donation, surrogacy.

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Optimal conditions for fertility with simultaneous promotion of longevity in man, woman and child.

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Strengthen reproduction & longevity – it works!

The desire to reproduce – that is, to produce offspring – is in our genes and is even cemented biblically in the Book of Genesis, chapter 1, verse 28:

„Be fruitful and multiply and
stir yourselves on earth, that you may become much on it!“

In addition to optimal fertility, physical and mental health is the be-all and end-all. We all want to grow old healthily! And that goes hand in hand with longevity.

Reproduction and longevity must be considered as one …

… and be promoted accordingly – especially in the case of an unfulfilled desire to have children.
This promotion applies much more to couples who want children and are fertile and ‚healthy‘ and to all people who want to live healthy for a long time.

The reason is obvious

In our civilized world, there is a deficiency of many essential vitamins and nutrients. This deficiency may be sufficient for most supposedly fertile people to become pregnant naturally.

However, these deficiencies cause the baby to have a lower IQ than it could have. For example, an IQ of 110 instead of 130. With an IQ of 110, you are on average, you don’t stand out, and it is enough to reproduce. But which parents do not wish for a higher IQ for their child? The same applies to many other things, such as the fact that the unborn baby is destined to have a much higher health risk of diseases in life due to the deficiency in the mother’s body.

In infertile women and men who wish to have children, the deficiency can now be so advanced that the eggs, sperm or uterus are so damaged that there is no chance of natural conception. If IVF treatment still succeeds, the baby still experiences the disadvantages described above (lower IQ, shortened lifespan, …).

Our duty is not only to provide the unborn child, but also the mother and father, with all the necessary vital and nutritious substances, so that it not only works out with the desired child, but ALL live healthy long!

The elimination of the lack of vitamins and nutrients alone means a life extension of almost 2 decades, which is scientifically proven today. We thus reduce the risks of various „common diseases“ such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, dementia, etc..

My concept combines reproduction & longevity, and I explain with my team how they eliminate these deficiencies in vitamins and nutrients.

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