Selection criteria for a good fertility clinic abroad

Auswahlkriterien für eine gute Kinderwunschklinik im Ausland

If you have difficulty getting pregnant naturally, the fertility treatment can be very stressful. Often, a fertility clinic can help fulfill the dream of having your own child. One possibility, if it does not work in your home country, is to look for a suitable fertility clinic abroad. But how do you find a good clinic, and which selection criteria are important? In this article, I will give you some tips on how to choose a good fertility clinic abroad.

Success rates

One of the most important selection criteria for a good fertility clinic abroad is the success rates. Each fertility clinic should provide their success rates on their website or upon request. Note, however, that success rates may vary depending on the age of the patient, the type of treatment and many other factors.

Doctors expertise

The expertise of the doctors is another important selection criterion. Check whether the doctors at the fertility clinic have extensive training and experience in the field of reproductive medicine. One way to check the doctors’ expertise is to look for reviews and recommendations from former patients or use common review platforms such as Google.

Services offered by the fertility clinic

Another important selection criterion is the treatments and procedures offered. Check whether the clinic offers the desired treatment method and whether it has the latest technologies and procedures. A quality fertility clinic should offer a comprehensive range of treatment options, including egg donation, embryo donation and genetic testing.

Patient Care

Patient care is also an important factor when choosing a good fertility clinic abroad. Check if the clinic offers comprehensive support and advice in your language, both during and after treatment. It is also important that the clinic responds to questions and requests quickly and professionally.


The cost of treatment at a fertility clinic can vary considerably. It is advisable to check whether the clinic offers transparent and fair prices and whether it may also provide guarantees for its services. Also find out about possible additional costs such as travel and accommodation costs.

There exist many more factors to consider when choosing a good fertility clinic abroad. Success rates, expertise of the doctors, offers of the clinic, customer service and costs are just some of the most important factors. It is important to research carefully and compare different clinics to make the right decision and fulfill the dream of having your own child.

However, if you feel overwhelmed and would like professional advice, I am available to help you find the ideal fertility clinic abroad.

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