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For a long time, I had an unfulfilled dream of a girl myself. Unfortunately, after several miscarriages and a divorce, I had little help and no resources. I desperately wanted to become a single mother but found no support and was afraid of being judged.

I have spent half my life as a tour guide in different countries. This allowed me to know the local doctors better and learn much about fertility clinics and treatment options in other countries and continents.

Inspired by the prospects of success and the professionalism of fertility clinics, I decided to support other women in their search for the right fertility clinic and help them realize their dream of having a child.

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    Currently, I offer two packages: In my online course, you learn step-by-step how to find an excellent fertility clinic in North Cyprus. In my private consultation package, my clients receive personalized support in their choice, a fertility clinic, and planning and organizing the fertility trip abroad.

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Since I know many fertility clinics in Europe, especially in countries like Northern Cyprus, Czech Republic, Greece and Spain, I can help especially women who want egg donation, embryo donation or genetic testing, who are single, in a lesbian relationship, have a sex desire or are over 50 years old to find a good IVF clinic in Europe.

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Many people cannot exercise their right to start a family because of restrictive laws.

I am committed to ensuring that all women can access reputable, successful, affordable fertility clinics, regardless of race, age, ethnicity, financial background, sexual orientation, or marital status.

The fertility clinics I work with are located in Europe because the laws there are very liberal. They have very high success rates, offer attractive prices, have well-qualified professionals and modern technologies and infrastructure for all reproductive technologies, including IVF/ICSI, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, childbearing over 50, genetic testing (PGT-A / NGS) as well as sex determination. 

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