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Hi, I am Julia
Your fertility coach & mental trainer

I know this feeling of unfulfilled desire to have children. I have walked the same path and understand you. That's why I would like to encourage you again, give you confidence and, as a systemic coach and mental trainer, provide you with valuable techniques to master this time positively.

What I offer

  • Mental coaching for women having fertility problems

    I accompany women who are in the (unfulfilled) desire to have children with my holistic life coaching program and show ways in which our thoughts can be used supportive in fertility treatment.

Your fertility way
what you achieve through me

More clarity in life

More ease and confidence in fertility treatment

Inner peace and serenity

Thoughts around fertility calm down

Detailed description:

Through my many years of the fertility journey, I know the ups and downs of this time. I know IVF/ICSI treatment processes, and through my work at the fertility Institute, I naturally experience this every day.

The time in fertility is formative, especially when the desire to have a child remains unfulfilled for several years. The despair and negative thoughts repeat themselves month after month, and you begin to doubt yourself. Especially as a woman, you experience this time very intensively.

Many women also begin to question other areas in life (partner, work, family …).

In my coaching, I make sure that the focus is more on the whole life again, and fertility is a part of it.

Every woman has a different issue that may be weighing on her mind. This issue does not always have to be directly related to fertility problems, but it can unconsciously influence it.

Negative thoughts and physical and mental stress impact hormones in the body. Therefore, I emphasize aligning thoughts in a positive, supportive direction and minimizing possible stress factors so that it feels comfortable and familiar again.

The coaching program also demands more intensive work on oneself, promoting personality development. A comprehensive workbook accompanies the coaching program, which lasts about 2-3 months. Divided into six modules, the topics are discussed in 1:1 appointments, and each woman is accompanied individually. Supporting methods and exercises are partly done together; some activities are done by the participants at home between the appointments. In addition, many writing exercises are incorporated in the form of worksheets.

If you are willing to work on yourself and allow new ways of thinking and views, you will feel a positive effect from the coaching program, supporting you in your fertility treatment and all areas of your life.

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Julia Wetzel - Logo

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