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IVF-Life Group

At IVF-Life Group, we specialize in achieving the best results in difficult cases and providing quality medical and human care.

We know how.

With a pregnancy rate of up to 91% certified by Applus and SGS, IVF-Life is a benchmark in the field of reproductive medicine not only by our results, but also by the quality and attention to patients and our professional team. Our experts have more than 14 years of experience in creating new families and have been involved in the birth of more than 11,000 babies around the world.

About IVF-Life Alicante

We are specialized in complex cases

IVF-Life Alicante is our clinic for reproductive medicine and artificial insemination in Alicante. It is located in a unique and charming environment, less than 1 km from the sea, offering a great environment for the safety and tranquility of our patients. Our goal is the same as that of our patients: to welcome a healthy baby and help them create a family. For this, we work day after day, supported by the highest standards in our laboratories and in our multidisciplinary team, able to achieve successful results even in the most difficult cases.
About IVF-Life Madrid

Our commitment to patients goes far beyond good results

IVF-Life Madrid is our fertility and assisted reproduction clinic in the Spanish capital. The facilities of our clinic are located next to the Santiago Bernabéu stadium and are designed to create a relaxing and quiet environment. We have a common goal with our patients: To help them conceive a healthy baby and start a new family. Supported by our laboratories, we work day after day to equip our goals with the latest technology.
About IVF-Life Donostia

Our personal attention, the key to our philosophy

The Basque Fertility Institute, IVF-Life Donostia, is a center specialized in assisted reproduction, gynecology and obstetrics. The facilities of our clinic, located opposite the Psychology Faculty of the University of the Basque Country, offer an ideal environment entirely dedicated to the personalized care of our patients. Our goal is to provide the best individualized support and care to conceive healthy babies and create new families. This has resulted in us being the highest rated on Google.


– Sperm donation
– Egg donation
– Embryo donation
Nicht: Leihmutterschaft

– HIV positive men
– HIV positive women
– HCV/HBV positive men – HCV/HBV positive women – Singles
– Homosexual couples

Our team

At this point, not the entire team is presented, but only a few employees as representatives.

Dr. Jon Aizpurua
Chairman of the IVF Life Group

Dr. Sergio Rogel
Medical director – gynecologist

Dr. Oliver Pack
Fertility Specialist

Dr. Elisa Pérez Larrea
Deputy medical director – gynecologist

Dr. Victoria Verdú
Gynecologist specialized in reproductive medicine and medical director

Dr. Zineb Meski
Specialist in reproductive medicine

Dr. Manuel Izquierdo
Gynecologist specialized in reproductive medicine, head of medical quality management

Dr. Isabel Herrera
Fertility Specialist


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