Newlife IVF Greece

We are one of the leading infertility clinics in Greece and offer the full range of infertility treatment...

PFC - Prague Fertility Centre

Prague Fertility Centre

You can trust us: individual and empathic approach on a first-class medical level are the cornerstones of our treatment.


IVF-Life is a group of fertility clinics specialized in complex cases. Our centers in Alicante, Madrid and San Sebastián...

Clinica Ginefiv

Clinica Ginefiv is one of Spain's largest and most renowned fertility centers. We offer ...


In FertiCare clinics we focus on holistic therapy of infertility and our target group is mainly clients from German speaking...

Diers IVF

Open egg donation at Diers IVF, We help single women, lesbian and heterosexual couples to fulfill their desire to have...


At IREMA fertility clinics, you will find the most advanced treatments, hand in hand with the best professionals ...


We have more than 26 years of experience in infertility treatment, you can find us in 7 centers in the...


For 23 years we have been fulfilling your desire to have children with the most modern medicine and naturopathy

Clinica Tambre

Thanks to our many years of experience as a fertility clinic in reproductive medicine, we have not only achieved the...

We give your Fertility a home

Become a part of Germany’s largest and oldest fertility portal. For more than 22 years we have been helping those affected on their infertility journey, we speak from our own experience, we also have a more than 10-year infertility journey behind us. We know very well how you feel, know your worries, fears and problems, but also know how we can help and support you.

If you are looking for information about treatment options or fertility clinics, or if you would like to exchange information with other people affected by infertility, then you have come to the right place!

We are your Fertility family, laughing and cheering along with you, but also catching you when you need help and comfort.

Become a part of our community - over 500,000 visitors annually ♡

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The experts at Clinica Tambre are there for you around the clock in 2023 and will answer your questions within 24 hours. Whether you have a question about your treatment or need a second opinion. You can ask them anything you want to know.

Our Fertility Experts

Couples or individuals often suffer from childlessness. The path towards a desired child in the context of artificial insemination demands a great deal from individuals in terms of their mental health.

It is a journey consisting of different emotional phases. Infertility treatment is exhausting – for the psyche and the body. Therefore, in addition to medical care, an external companion is often the best way to gain strength and to master emotional phases together. In our network you will find coaches, consultants and trainers from various fields who can accompany you personally and/or virtually.

Doc Nic





Doc Nic

Heilpraktikerin und Kinderwunschexpertin


Dipl. Mentaltrainerin & Systemischer Coach


About the founders...

We are Claudia and Chris, it is a matter of the heart for us to accompany and support you on the way to your desired child.

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Chris has had to go through all facets of infertility treatment himself for years with his ex-wife, so he knows your problems and needs very well and knows what you need. His “Fertility career” started in several clinics in Germany with several IUI and IVF treatments. Immunological tests and treatments were performed to improve the chances. Not only the orthodox medicine was the first choice, he also used the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), they tried with it to improve the implantation conditions, such as the endometrium.

Afterward, he continued with egg donation in different countries. He visited many clinics in the European (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Spain) and non-European (South Africa) areas and talked to the doctors. These connections have now existed for more than 20 years.

During this time, he closely monitored all developments and was also able to discuss many new things with the doctors. In a large number of the clinics, Chris was under treatment for egg donation.

Verlauf einer Schwangerschaft bis zur Geburt eines Baby


Fertility forum was and is the only egg donation website in the world made exclusively by patients for patients.

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